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Episode 71: Our Favorite Holiday Specials
It’s a Very Special bonus episode of Pilot House! Sarah and Strangely have a long winter’s chat about Christmas specials, Hanukkah specials, and what you should and should not put babies in.

Episode 70: Season 5 Finale
Join us as we recap the past season, discuss how the theme affected our viewing experience, drop an F-bomb, and announce big plans for the future!

Episode 69: TV Theme Songs
After a season full of classic shows, it’s only fitting to wrap things up with one of our “scuttlebutt” chats about all our favorite theme songs! We discuss the good and the bad, the expository and the instrumental, the sublime and the ridiculous.

Episode 68: The Monkees
Hey hey, it’s a podcast! Sarah gushes and Strangely equivocates about those four long-haired lads — no, the other ones.

Episode 67: The Dick Van Dyke Show
Come join us as we fall in love with America’s Sweetheart and America’s Tall Drink of Water in the Dick Van Dyke Show! Listen as we gush, giggle, and try to restrain ourselves from rehashing every single one of our favorite bits.

Episode 66: Gilligan’s Island
Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a truly bananas sitcom premise that somehow became an enduring television classic. With Sarah! And Strangely too! (No millionaires were present at the recording of this podcast.)

Episode 65: BONUS! Ted Lasso
Due to *gestures broadly* we got off schedule with our editing, but worry not! Nick at Night will be back in two weeks, and today you get a special bonus we recorded as a custom episode for a fan last winter, about the confusingly wholesome Ted Lasso!

Episode 64: Dragnet
The podcast you are about to hear is true, and sadly lacking in math. Sarah and Strangely accidentally watch the 1967 revival of Dragnet, and discuss diegetic sound, drug slang, and verisimilitude.

Episode 63: Bewitched
It’s time for more supernatural subversion of sixties suburban stereotypes! Sarah and Strangely watch the first of the two “magical blonde making a hapless dude do reaction faces” sitcoms second, and question whether the original is always best.

Episode 62: The Addams Family
What’s a scree-um? Who’s petite? Is Lurch a Frankenstein? We set out to solve these mysteries and more in this episode, about the ookiest family on television.

Episode 61: I Dream of Jeannie
When you’re sitting on the sofa with a TV in the corner, there’s only one thing to watch: I Dream of Jeannie! Join us as Sarah and Strangely reminisce about TV promos, and try to decide where Jeannie falls on the chaos spectrum.

Episode 60: Batman
The ultimate camp nostalgia bonanza is here: the live-action 1960s Batman series! Will Strangely and Sarah be able to succinctly summarize the Riddler’s circuitous scheme? And who made Strangely say “Daddy”? Find out right now, on this bat-podcast!

Episode 59: I Love Lucy
Starting our Nick At Nite season off right with the godmother of all sitcoms, I Love Lucy! Listen as Strangely and Sarah muse on laugh tracks, wigs, assholes, and the nature of memory.


Episode 58: TaleSpin
Welcome to a totally normal day in April, which brings you a totally normal episode of this podcast, which is obviously about pilots who fly planes. What else would it be about?


Season 5 Announcement
Join us as we reveal the season five theme, chat about why we chose it, and catch you all up on some other Pilot House news.

Episode 57: Lucifer Season 1 ‘Ketchup’
The Dark Prince of Cop Shows is back! After our initial pilot episode discussion, we just couldn’t resist Lucifer’s many charms and HAD to watch the whole first season. Join us as we discuss mortality, tank tops, and the Hippocratic Oath in this first season ‘ketchup’!

Episode 56: JAWS
Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than a between-seasons episode where, for the very first time, your intrepid hosts tackle an entire film? Especially a scary one Sarah has never seen before! Just when you thought it was safe to refresh your podcast feed…


Episode 55: Season 4 Finale
Season 4 is out the door! Sarah and Strangely sit down to revisit the shows they watched this season, discuss whether they ‘picked up any for syndication’, and reveal their plans for the future of the podcast.

Episode 54: Brooklyn 99
You heard right: We FINALLY watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Listen as we tackle reservations, get confused about rabbis, and finally learn what all the fuss and gifs are about.

Episode 53: Hustle: Full Series ‘Ketchup’
We’re back with our first full-series catch-up episode, chatting about everyone’s favorite British con artist show! We talk about the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and why Robert Glenister is THE BEST.

Episode 52: Schitt’s Creek
Is this the pilot that launched a thousand gifs? This wildly popular Canadian sitcom had Sarah and Strangely scratching their heads. Join us as we try to parse the comedy, wonder about the future, and bemoan the limited screen time of Tim Rozon’s abs.

Episode 51: Russian Doll Season 1 ‘Ketchup’
After falling in love with the first episode of Russian Doll in episode 43, we’re back to discuss the whole first season! We gush about Oatmeal, wonder what Horse’s deal is, discuss some ideas for season two, and beg the internet to send us rugelach.

Episode 50: Lucifer (2016)
In the beginning… Strangely and Sarah were curious about a comic book adaptation. Listen as we work our way through some very strong feelings about angels, cops, doctor-patient relationships, and a naked Welshman.

**Note: We reset our episode numbers to include season one “bonus episodes” in the official count. You are not missing anything between episodes 45 and 50! **

Episode 45: Our Favorite Types of Episodes
We’re taking this show off the rails and chatting about, not a specific pilot, but some of our favorite types of episodes: body swaps, bottle episodes, etc. Formerly a Patreon exclusive, we’re now bringing our informal ‘scuttlebutt’ chats to the wide world!

Episode 44: Bridgerton (2020)
Listen as we dive into the hot and heavy world of Regency romance with Netflix’s new series from Shonda Rhimes. You can hear all about Sarah’s literary conspiracy theory, and find out which character Strangely thinks would make a great Avenger!

Episode 43: Russian Doll (2019)
Join us as we delve into the first episode of the twisty, turny, and incredibly ambitious Netflix show Russian Doll. Listen as we make predictions about what the show had planned, some prescient and some wildly off-base. Podcasts, what a concept!


Episode 42: Season Three Finale!
We’re back, and we’re finally closing out our ambitious third season! Join us for a recap of the shows we watched this season (including the October Spooktacular), whether we ‘picked them up for syndication’, and what we thought of the ones we did. We also talk about the changing way we’re taking in new media, and add a few recommendations for the shows we’ve been watching in quarantine. Plus: our plan for the future of the podcast!

Episode 41: Sealab 2020 (1972)
Your hosts dive into the strange and murky world of pseudo-educational Hanna-Barbera cartoons with the original SEALAB 2020. The final show of our Season 3 trip through the decades was set in the current year, made in the ’70s, and better known for its ‘remake’ in the year 2000. Does this make up for us accidentally doing two ’80s shows? Will it be worth the wait? FIND OUT TODAY!

Episode 40: Orphan Black (2013-2017)
Continuing our trip through the decades, this week’s episode is about the twenty-teens’ Orphan Black, which brings us sci-fi, intrigue, and half-assed grifting in Canada (probably).

Episode 39: Ripper Street ‘Ketchup’
Our regularly scheduled episodes were delayed due to quarantine complications, so to tide you over in the meantime we’re sharing an unreleased and lightly edited “ketchup” chat about the first season of Ripper Street, a show we originally discussed way back in 2018!

Episode 38: Veronica Mars (2004-2007)
This week we watched a show from a long time ago, about some people who used to be friends. Travel with us back to 2004 and that sun-bleached California neo-noir classic, Veronica Mars!

Episode 37: Absolutely Fabulous (1992-2012)
It’s the ’90s. After an extreme (and accidental) double-dose of the ’80s, Sarah and Strangely aren’t quite sure what to make of this classic British comedy. Pour another white wine and brace yourself for fashion, darling.

Episode 36: Remington Steele (1982-1987)
It’s an extremely ’80s Battle of the Sexes in Pierce Brosnan’s 90-minute James Bond audition reel, also known as the first episode of Remington Steele! Is there enough whimsical con man fuckery to satisfy our hosts? How piercing are Pierce’s eyes? And who, if anyone, is packing a rod? Only Remington Steele knows for sure!

Episode 35: Highway to Heaven (1984-1989)
Your intrepid hosts set out on the long, dusty Highway to Heaven — or at least the 90-minute pilot of this 1984 show we thought was from 1974. Will Michael Landon’s majestic hair save the day? Who gets in a solid burn on George Burns? How suspicious IS a bicycle? Tune in now to learn all this and more!

Episode 34: My Mother the Car (1965-1966)
Starting Season Three off with a bang (of the Chitty Chitty variety)! It’s time to watch “My Mother the Car,” the absolutely improbable 1960s sitcom where Dick Van Dyke’s little brother buys a sentient jalopy. Yes, that is the premise. Yes, it IS that weird.


Episode 33: Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007)
It’s our holiday special! Join us as we celebrate the birth of our lord and cohost Strangely, by introducing Sarah to the 90-minute pilot of his favorite sci-fi epic: 1997’s Stargate SG-1.


Episode 32: Forever Knight (1992-1996)
It’s time for our last October Spooktacular episode, and we went big with the MOST ridiculous vampire show of all time: Canada’s “Forever Knight”! What happens when a vampire cop and his dramatic goth dad battle over the fate of 1990s Toronto? Is one of them named after fizzy water? And why won’t John Kapelos stop talking about souvlaki? Listen as Strangely struggles to keep his grip on reality in our endless…FOREVER KNIGHT. 

Episode 31: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)
Into every generation, a super-nerdy TV pilot is born…that’s right, it’s time to talk Buffy the Vampire Slayer! This is our first “Revisit” episode, and what better or more-well-loved show to pick apart during our October Spooktacular than Buffy?

Episode 30: Carnivàle (2003–2005)
It’s time for the first ever Pilot House Halloween Spooktacular! We’re starting off the month with HBO’s Carnivale, a strange and spooky show about circus folk, the Depression, and — scariest of all! — small-town preachers! Listen as Sarah comes to peace with spoilers and Strangely tries not to do anything with his face.


Episode 29: Season Two Finale!
In our season two finale, we revisit all the shows we watched over this season and update each other on whether we picked any of them up for our own personal syndication, as it were. Plus some news about season three, coming this fall!

Episode 28: Deadwood (2004-2006)
While the rest of the internet is celebrating the reunion movie, two podcasters watch the Deadwood pilot for the first time. Listen as we try to suss out what’s historical and what’s fiction, which character actors we love the most, and who has the best mustache.

Episode 27: Longmire (Season 1 ‘Ketchup’)
After a full season of Longmire, will Sarah still be as enamored with the show’s slow pacing and “little moments”? Catch-up with everyone’s favorite wholesome sheriff in this week’s chat!

Episode 26: Hustle (2004-2012)
The con is ON! It’s time to talk “Hustle,” the 2004 UK con man show, and these CONfidence nerds are stoked for whimsical fuckery made only more whimsical by the presence of British accents! For bonus outtakes from this episode, check out:

Episode 25: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012-2015)
Listen to Sarah squirm as Strangely discusses his first viewing of her favorite show, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! It’s another ‘All or None’ episode, about Australia’s leading lady detective: the Honorable Phyrne Fisher.

Episode 24: The Good Place (Season 1 ‘Ketchup’)
It’s time to catch up after watching the first season of the Good Place, and we got you a present: FEELINGS. Join Sarah and Strangely as they dish about all the shit they did NOT predict in their pilot discussion, and the surprising things they got right!

Episode 23: Jack of All Trades (2000)
Tune in for our second live episode, AND our second Bruce Campbell-full episode! Join us as we watch the weird and wonderful Sam Raimi joint “Jack of All Trades” with a live audience at Clockwork Alchemy in San Francisco!

Episode 22: Longmire (2012-2017)
Strangely introduces Sarah to his favorite modern western in our first “All or None” episode, and it’s hard to tell who is more thirsty for Lou Diamond Phillips. Grab your Stetson and crack a Rainier, it’s time for Longmire.

Episode 21: Party of Five (1994-2001)
Look, when a show has five leads, the podcast about it is going to be five times as long. That’s just math! This week, listen to us pick apart every last detail of the most 90s television show to ever 90s during the 90s: Party of Five.

Episode 20: Supergirl (2015)
If you know a lot about DC and it pains you to hear people get things wrong, this episode is not for you. Strangely and Sarah take their second dive into the Arrowverse, this time with Superman’s cousin! Learn who’s CW hot and who isn’t in our chat about Supergirl.

Episode 19: Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973)
Cartoons: The actual final frontier. The starship Pilot House embarks on a new mission: discussing their first cartoon…and boy is it a strange new world. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on space design, regulation facial hair, and the importance of legs.

Episode 18: The Good Place (2016)
We’re absolutely in heaven talking about the pilot of NBC’s The Good Place…or are we? Season Two arrives with a bang discussing this unconventional sitcom!


Episode 17: Season Finale!
We end our triumphant first season by looking back on the shows we watched, recounting how many we “picked up for syndication” as it were, and talking about our ideas for Season Two. See you in December!

Episode 16: Gossip Girl (2007-2012)
Watch as two grown adults gradually lose their minds trying to understand why a show about horrible teenagers and camera phones both exists and was incredibly popular. Sarah forgets how to use her words when Kristen Bell comes up, while Strangely shouts a lot and drinks scotch. You know you love us! xoxo, Pilot House

Bonus Episode 4: “Wynonna Earp” Ketchup Episode
Breaking their own rules, Sarah and Strangely chat about Wynonna Earp a mere six weeks after their first episode about it, and after watching only five episodes. What happened in those five episodes that meant they simply MUST have a catch-up session?

Bonus Episode 3: “Lost Girl” Ketchup Episode
It’s time to catch up with Lost Girl! Sarah and Strangely have both finished the first season and have SO MANY feelings. Strangely suspects someone is bald and Sarah has a confession to make about torsos in this informal bonus chat.

Episode 15: “Dark Angel” (2000-2002)
James Cameron’s turn-of-the-century sci fi action show about the murky future of Seattle in 2019 captures the hearts of these podcasters in the murky now of Seattle in 2018. Should we start a band called The Murky Now? The answers to many other questions are in this week’s episode!

Episode 14: “Wynonna Earp” (2016-present)
Saddle up for supernatural old west shenanigans with Wynonna Earp! Ancient curses, demon bikers, and weirdly pretty rodeo champs turn out to be just our cup of whiskey-laced tea. Strangely discovers a Greek god and Sarah admits that she’s trash as they dig into this recent production from Canada’s TV mines.

Episode 13: The Flopisode: “The Killing” and “Sledge Hammer!”
Your hosts discuss how they both got a very similar “meh” from two very different shows: dreary modern crime drama “The Killing” and over-the-top ’80s cop comedy “Sledge Hammer!”

Episode 12: “Reign” (2013-2017)
The stakes are high and the costumes are comical in the CW’s 2013 attempt to make a sexy show about child marriages in the…I wanna say late middle ages? Don’t @ us, just listen and laugh with us as we try to find the silver lining of Reign.

Episode 11: “Lost Girl” (2010-2016)
Oh Canada, our home of GAY-ASS FAERIE BULLSHIT! Your hosts are almost uniformly delighted by this rare television foray into urban fantasy from America’s hat. Listen as they attempt not to lose their cool and fail, leading Strangely to fangirl hard, and Sarah to develop her first OT3.

Episode 10: “Doogie Howser, M.D.” (1989-1993)
Time to visit the origin story of everybody’s favorite precocious-child-turned-even-more-precocious-adult, Neil Patrick Harris! Your hosts discuss instrumental earworms, borrowing cars, and realistic zombies after watching this heartwarming late-80s dramedy.

Episode 9: “Frasier” (1993-2004)
It’s a madcap 90s adventure full of anthropomorphized animals, sibling rivalry, and magical floating apartments. Order yourself a Cafe Latte Supremo, it’s time for Frasier!

Episode 8: “Burn Notice” (2007-2013)
Grab a Hawaiian shirt just like Uncle Bruce, because we’re heading to Miami! Our hosts are delighted by whimsical spy nonsense, though Strangely can’t quite seem to keep his Bruces straight. Get ready for fake pipe bombs and bikini-clad shenanigans, it’s time for Burn Notice!

Episode 7: “The Wild, Wild West” (1965-1969)
It’s the very first LIVE Pilot House! Sarah and Strangely take their hijinks to Clockwork Alchemy and discuss the pilot of “The Wild, Wild West”: brace yourself for 1965’s idea of 1865, with all the awkward haircuts and racial stereotypes that entails. All aboard The Wanderer, we’re headed to the (not at all wicky-wicky) Wild Wild West!

Episode 6: “Ripper Street” (2012)
Travel with us to the misty streets of post-Jack the Ripper London, for the surprisingly sex worker-positive take on Victorian crime-solving with the BBC’s “Ripper Street.” Come find out who’s a brilliant inventor, who’s been dressed as Jack, and who has a leaning to smut.

Bonus Episode 1: ‘Ketchup’ episode: NCIS!
A special catch-up episode! Not the usual massive meal of media mumblings, no! This is a short chat featuring Sarah’s thoughts on the first two seasons of NCIS. Strangely has questions.

Episode 5: “Arrow” (2012)
Start doing crunches and grab your airbrush: it’s superhero time! This week Sarah and Strangely dive headfirst into the DC Arrow-verse with the show that started it all. Ride along as they discuss improvised medical techniques, poorly placed cop-dad jokes, and just what the heck “Lando-ing” is.

Episode 4: “Degrassi: Next Class”
You’d probably think two 30-somethings couldn’t possibly talk for very long about a 22-minute show made for teenagers, such as the latest installment in the Degrassi franchise (2016). Well friends, you would be wrong.

Episode 3: “Moonlighting”
You’ve never been as confused by anything as we were by this pilot. Strap in, crack open a Seagram’s, and get ready for our discussion on the beginnings of Moonlighting (1985-1989).

Episode 2: “NCIS”
In our second episode, we tackle that bastion of wow-is-that-still-on-the-air I-think-my-parents-watch-it procedural programming, CBS’s NCIS (2003-???).

Episode 1: “Charmed”
Our first official episode! We discuss the pilot of the WB’s Charmed (1996-2006), in all its not-as-good-as-Buffy glory.

Episode 0: “White Collar”
A special zero episode where we discuss the show that started it all, USA’s White Collar (2009-2014), plus an extended chat about TV pilots and why they’re so gosh-darned interesting.