Pilot House is a show where two friends watch TV and films and lovingly pick apart every little detail. Although we started exclusively with pilots to shows we’d never seen before, we’ve branched out into revisiting old favorites, finally watching the pilot to something we watched in syndication as kids, and even occasionally tackling a whole film.

Meet the Hosts

Sarah Shay is a writer and musician in Seattle. When not recording podcasts, she writes fiction, edits other people’s writing, and sings ukulele songs that are usually funny but sometimes sad.
Favorite podcasts: Pistol Shrimps Radio, Cocaine & Rhinestones

Strangely Doesburg is a writer, performer, and raconteur who has thrice circled the globe with his award-winning “one-man cabaret riot.” Ostensibly based in Bellingham, WA, he can be found in countries all around the world, depending on what month it is.
Favorite podcasts: Harmontown, Hardcore History