63 ⁠— Bewitched

It’s time for more supernatural subversion of sixties suburban stereotypes! Sarah and Strangely watch the first of the two “magical blonde making a hapless dude do reaction faces” sitcoms second, and question whether the original is always best.

60 — Batman

The ultimate camp nostalgia bonanza is here: the live-action 1960s Batman series! Will Strangely and Sarah be able to succinctly summarize the Riddler’s circuitous scheme? And who made Strangely say “Daddy”? Find out right now, on this bat-podcast!

56 – JAWS

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than a between-seasons episode where, for the very first time, your intrepid hosts tackle an entire film? Especially a scary one Sarah has never seen before! Just when you thought it was safe to refresh your podcast feed…it’s JAWS!

52 – Schitt’s Creek

Is this the pilot that launched a thousand gifs? This wildly popular Canadian sitcom had Sarah and Strangely scratching their heads. Join us as we try to parse the comedy, wonder about the future, and bemoan the limited screen time of Tim Rozon’s abs.

44 – Bridgerton

Listen as we dive into the hot and heavy world of Regency romance with Netflix’s new series from Shonda Rhimes. You can hear all about Sarah’s literary conspiracy theory, and find out which character Strangely thinks would make a great Avenger!

43 – Russian Doll

Join us as we delve into the first episode of the twisty, turny, and incredibly ambitious Netflix show Russian Doll. Listen as we make predictions about what the show had planned, some prescient and some wildly off-base. Podcasts, what a concept!

41 – Sealab 2020

Your hosts dive into the strange and murky world of pseudo-educational Hanna-Barbera cartoons with the original SEALAB 2020. The final show of our Season 3 trip through the decades was set in the current year, made in the ’70s, and better known for its ‘remake’ in the year 2000. Does this make up for us accidentally doing two ’80s shows? Will it be worth the wait? FIND OUT TODAY!

36 – Remington Steele

It’s an extremely 80s Battle of the Sexes in Pierce Brosnan’s 90-minute James Bond audition reel, also known as the first episode of Remington Steele! Is there enough whimsical con man fuckery to satisfy our hosts? How piercing are Pierce’s eyes? And who, if anyone, is packing a rod? Only Remington Steele knows for sure!

35 – Highway to Heaven

Your intrepid hosts set out on the long, dusty Highway to Heaven — or at least the 90-minute pilot of this 1984 show we thought was from 1974. Will Michael Landon’s majestic hair save the day? Who gets in a solid burn on George Burns? How suspicious IS a bicycle? Tune in now to learn all this and more!

32 – Forever Knight

It’s time for our last October Spooktacular episode, and we went big with the MOST ridiculous vampire show of all time: Canada’s “Forever Knight”! What happens when a vampire cop and his dramatic goth dad battle over the fate of 1990s Toronto? Is one of them named after fizzy water? And why won’t John Kapelos stop talking about souvlaki? Listen as Strangely struggles to keep his grip on reality in our endless…FOREVER KNIGHT.

30 – Carnivàle

It’s the first ever Pilot House Halloween Spooktacular! We’re starting off the month with HBO’s Carnivale, a strange and spooky show about circus folk, the Depression, and — scariest of all! — small-town preachers! Listen as Sarah comes to peace with spoilers and Strangely tries not to do anything with his face.

28 – Deadwood

While the rest of the internet is celebrating the reunion movie, two podcasters watch the Deadwood pilot for the first time. Listen as we try to suss out what’s historical and what’s fiction, which character actors we love the most, and who has the best mustache.

26 – Hustle

The con is ON! It’s time to talk “Hustle,” the 2004 UK con man show, and these CONfidence nerds are stoked for whimsical fuckery made only more whimsical by the presence of British accents! For bonus outtakes from this episode, check out: www.patreon.com/pilothouse

20 – Supergirl

If you know a lot about DC and it pains you to hear people get things wrong, this episode is not for you. Strangely and Sarah take their second dive into the Arrowverse, this time with Superman’s cousin! Learn who’s CW hot and who isn’t in our chat about Supergirl.

Bonus 4 – Wynonna Earp “Ketchup” special

Breaking their own rules, Sarah and Strangely chat about Wynonna Earp a mere six weeks after their first episode about it, and after watching only five episodes. What happened in those five episodes that meant they simply MUST have a catch-up session? And how punchy does Sarah get when she consumes too much sugar during the podcast? Find out in this episode, which is sadly not actually sponsored by Dick’s Drive-In.

15 – Dark Angel

James Cameron’s turn-of-the-century sci fi action show about the murky future of Seattle in 2019 captures the hearts of these podcasters in the murky now of Seattle in 2018. Should we start a band called The Murky Now? The answers to many other questions are in this week’s episode!

14 – Wynonna Earp

Saddle up for supernatural old west shenanigans with Wynonna Earp! Ancient curses, demon bikers, and weirdly pretty rodeo champs turn out to be just our cup of whiskey-laced tea! Strangely discovers a Greek god and Sarah admits that she’s trash as they dig into this recent production from Canada’s TV mines.

12 – Reign

The stakes are high and the costumes are comical in the CW’s 2013 attempt to make a sexy show about child marriages in the…I wanna say late middle ages? Don’t @ us, just listen and laugh with us as we try to find the silver lining of Reign.

11 – Lost Girl

Oh Canada, our home of GAY-AS-HELL FAERIE BULLSHIT! Your hosts are almost uniformly delighted by this rare television foray into urban fantasy from America’s hat. Listen as they attempt not to lose their cool and fail, leading Strangely to fangirl hard, and Sarah to develop her first OT3.

8 – Burn Notice

Grab a Hawaiian shirt just like Uncle Bruce, because we’re heading to Miami! Our hosts are delighted by whimsical spy nonsense, though Strangely can’t quite seem to keep his Bruces straight. Get ready for fake pipe bombs and bikini-clad shenanigans, it’s time for Burn Notice!

6 – Ripper Street

Travel with us to the misty streets of post-Jack the Ripper London, for the surprisingly sex worker-positive take on Victorian crime-solving with the BBC’s “Ripper Street” (2012). Come find out who’s a brilliant inventor, who’s been dressed as Jack, and who has a leaning to smut.

5 – Arrow

Start doing crunches, and grab your airbrush: it’s superhero time! This week Sarah and Strangely dive headfirst into the DC Arrow-verse with the show that started it all! Ride along as they discuss improvised medical techniques, poorly placed cop-dad jokes, and just what the heck “Lando-ing” is. #jfctommy