Episode 14: “Wynonna Earp” (2016-present)
Saddle up for supernatural old west shenanigans with Wynonna Earp! Ancient curses, demon bikers, and weirdly pretty rodeo champs turn out to be just our cup of whiskey-laced tea. Strangely discovers a Greek god and Sarah admits that she’s trash as they dig into this recent production from Canada’s TV mines.

Episode 13: “The Killing” (2011-2014) and “Sledge Hammer!” (1986-1988) (Flopisode)
Your hosts discuss how they both got a very similar “meh” from two very different shows: dreary modern crime drama “The Killing” and over-the-top 80s cop comedy “Sledge Hammer!”

Episode 12: “Reign” (2013-2017)
The stakes are high and the costumes are comical in the CW’s 2013 attempt to make a sexy show about child marriages in the…I wanna say late middle ages? Don’t @ us, just listen and laugh with us as we try to find the silver lining of Reign.

Episode 11: “Lost Girl” (2010-2016)
Oh Canada, our home of GAY-ASS FAERIE BULLSHIT! Your hosts are almost uniformly delighted by this rare television foray into urban fantasy from America’s hat. Listen as they attempt not to lose their cool and fail, leading Strangely to fangirl hard, and Sarah to develop her first OT3.

Episode 10: “Doogie Howser, M.D.” (1989-1993)
Time to visit the origin story of everybody’s favorite precocious-child-turned-even-more-precocious-adult, Neil Patrick Harris! Your hosts discuss instrumental earworms, borrowing cars, and realistic zombies after watching this heartwarming late-80s dramedy.

Episode 9: “Frasier” (1993-2004)
It’s a madcap 90s adventure full of anthropomorphized animals, sibling rivalry, and magical floating apartments. Order yourself a Cafe Latte Supremo, it’s time for Frasier!

Episode 8: “Burn Notice” (2007-2013)
Grab a Hawaiian shirt just like Uncle Bruce, because we’re heading to Miami! Our hosts are delighted by whimsical spy nonsense, though Strangely can’t quite seem to keep his Bruces straight. Get ready for fake pipe bombs and bikini-clad shenanigans, it’s time for Burn Notice!

Episode 7: “The Wild, Wild West” (1965-1969)
It’s the very first LIVE Pilot House! Sarah and Strangely take their hijinks to Clockwork Alchemy and discuss the pilot of “The Wild, Wild West”: brace yourself for 1965’s idea of 1865, with all the awkward haircuts and racial stereotypes that entails. All aboard The Wanderer, we’re headed to the (not at all wicky-wicky) Wild Wild West!

Episode 6: “Ripper Street” (2012)
Travel with us to the misty streets of post-Jack the Ripper London, for the surprisingly sex worker-positive take on Victorian crime-solving with the BBC’s “Ripper Street.” Come find out who’s a brilliant inventor, who’s been dressed as Jack, and who has a leaning to smut.

Bonus Episode 1: ‘Ketchup’ episode: NCIS!
A special catch-up episode! Not the usual massive meal of media mumblings, no! This is a short chat featuring Sarah’s thoughts on the first two seasons of NCIS. Strangely has questions.

Episode 5: “Arrow” (2012)
Start doing crunches and grab your airbrush: it’s superhero time! This week Sarah and Strangely dive headfirst into the DC Arrow-verse with the show that started it all. Ride along as they discuss improvised medical techniques, poorly placed cop-dad jokes, and just what the heck “Lando-ing” is.

Episode 4: “Degrassi: Next Class”
You’d probably think two 30-somethings couldn’t possibly talk for very long about a 22-minute show made for teenagers, such as the latest installment in the Degrassi franchise (2016). Well friends, you would be wrong.

Episode 3: “Moonlighting”
You’ve never been as confused by anything as we were by this pilot. Strap in, crack open a Seagram’s, and get ready for our discussion on the beginnings of Moonlighting (1985-1989).

Episode 2: “NCIS”
In our second episode, we tackle that bastion of wow-is-that-still-on-the-air I-think-my-parents-watch-it procedural programming, CBS’s NCIS (2003-???).

Episode 1: “Charmed”
Our first official episode! We discuss the pilot of the WB’s Charmed (1996-2006), in all its not-as-good-as-Buffy glory.

Episode 0: “White Collar”
A special zero episode where we discuss the show that started it all, USA’s White Collar (2009-2014), plus an extended chat about TV pilots and why they’re so gosh-darned interesting.